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Nature Creates Unique & Beautiful Gems - Anthonys Creates Unique & Exquisite Jewellery

Along with the individually designed "Jobson Collection" pieces, Anthonys can make your creative ideas come to life. Share your ideas with one of our talented design consultants in-store and allow our master jewellers to create your special heirloom to be cherished for generations. Anthonys is a Queensland-based family owned company that works to ensure complete satisfaction with every jewellery item.

And when you acquire a piece from Anthonys, we look after you for life. We want your pieces to sparkle with brilliance and look as good as they did from the day they were created. So visit our store any time as we offer lifetime cleaning, maintenance inspections and professional advice.


Anthonys Fine Jewellery

  • Engagement and Wedding Rings
  • Hearts on Fire
  • Love in Colour
  • Ar-Genta Collection
  • Diamond Jewellery
  • Fope Gioielli
  • Gold Jewellery
  • Jobson Collection
  • Sardinia Collection
  • Custom Made
  • Time Pieces
  • Citizen Time Pieces
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