Miss Universe Australia: National Costume Competition!


Every year around the world, Women from the Miss Universe Competition prepare for the Finals (held this year in Las Vegas) by filming, rehearsing, touring and more. An essential part of that preparation centers around the choosing of their National Costume, and this year the decision behind Miss Universe Australia Monika Radulovic’s costume is no exception!


Over the past few months, designers all over Australia have been creating their entries for the competition that aim to represent the country with a single look. This costume that intends to bring the nation together has in the past been a source of great controversy and divided opinions.




Pictured above is 2014 Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin, in her controversial ‘Dreamtime’ National Costume and 2007 Miss Universe Australia Kimberley Busteed in her satirical ‘Aussie Lifesaver’ Costume.


Unfortunately our National costumes have not been a point of praise for us in the past, so hopefully this year is different! The competition is now down to four final costumes, which the public will vote on, with the winner being announced LIVE on Sunrise at 0900 AEST on the 2nd of October.



Timothy Cubbo from Darlinghurst, Sydney created this funky Dame Edna inspired costume. The design combines the outlandish Australian character with the Sydney' Opera House, using a mash-up of tulle, sequins and satin.


The second design comes from designer Sarah Kawly, who was inspired by Australian Flora, in particular the bright colours of our native flower, the wattle.



The third Costume, and our not-so-secret favourite here at Anthonys, is by Raf Matta, and inspired by the world famous Performing Arts Centre, The Sydney Opera House, and the beautiful waters that surround our country.



The fourth and final contestant is designer Jyoti Chandra, with her ‘New Years Eve Fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge’ Costume.


The  Miss Universe Australia Elucent Skincare by Ego National Costume Competition is now officially open for voting, so be sure to go have your say!


It’s no secret that the Miss Universe Competition has been surrounded by controversy lately, particularly due to Owner Donald Trump. Broadcasting for the competition was pulled from various major networks after his harsh comments about Mexican immigrants, all while announcing his candidacy for President of the United States.


It will be interesting to see how the competition goes this year, and we are VERY excited to see what our very own Monika Radulovic will be wearing over in Vegas! One thing we know she definitely WILL be wearing is her Hearts on Fire Diamond Crown, the same one we got to see her wear during her visit with us last month!



Good Luck Monika! From all the team here at Anthonys Fine Jewellery!

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