MISS UNIVERSE SHOCK: Miss Colombia Announced as Wrong Winner!


The Miss Universe Finals aired today with some serious dramatic twists that we did NOT expect! However our girl Monika Radulovic absolutely killed it!


With 80 countries competing, there was no shortage of beautiful, talented women. The competition was previously co-owned by NBC Universal and Billionaire Donald Trump until earlier this year. Trump deeply offended Hispanics in June when he made inflammatory comments about immigrant to the United States, which led to Mexico pulling out of the Pageant, the resignation of Miss USA co-hosts Thomas Burke and Cheryl Burke. He also disqualified Miss Philipines and Miss Japan, for being “half and half”, basically of mixed race, as he explained that the goal of Miss Universe is to choose a world beauty that represents her country to the fullest extent, Having a half and half candidate  from any participating country is not in keeping with the Miss Universe ideals.” Some harsh words from the controversial billionaire.However, after Trump obtained sole ownership of the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants he sold the organization to entertainment group WME-IMG. Now seemingly conflict free, Miss Mexico, Miss Philipines and Miss Japan all returned to the pageant finally bringing back some real harmony.  



We have been watching closely today and are happy to report that our beautiful Monika made it through the first round into the Top 15 with absolute ease! Following that was the Swimsuit Competition in which she wowed the judges and public in a gorgeous Purple Bikini where she made it through to the Top 10!



The Evening Gown competition was the decider for the Top 5, where Monika really stunned in a sparkling Gold Galanni Dress! She was then named a finalist along with fellow contestants Miss Philippines, Miss Colombia, Miss USA and Miss France!



The girls then went into the Question Round, where they faced some VERY challenging questions. Monika was asked about her stance on the legalization of marijuana in Australia. Definitely a tough one! She did a great job though and discussed the pros and cons of legalizing the drug. She made a note of the benefits marijuana has had in the medical field, particularly for cancer patients, but maintained that the decision should be carefully deliberated and decided upon by the Government. There were some poignant questions, particularly for Miss Colombia who was asked about her nations Drug Issues, and Miss France who was asked the best way to deal with terror attacks like the recent ones her country had been experiencing.


After the Question Round, The Top Three were announced, with Miss USA, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines making it through. Our Miss Australia did us SO proud making it to the Top 5, and truly representing our country. As a Hearts on Fire and Anthonys Fine Jewellery Ambassador and now a Top 5 finalist of the Miss Universe Pageant, we know there are no limits to what she will achieve!

The Final Three were then each asked why they should be the next Miss Universe. Miss USA went first, giving a strong speech about inspiring men and women of the world, while particularly empowering her fellow women. Miss Colombia then used her translator to explain why she should be the third Miss Universe from her country, and make history by being the first back-to-back winner from ANY country, as she possesses all the attributes that a Miss Universe and particularly a Latin woman, should have. Miss Philippines went last and spoke beautifully about her desire to inspire youths and raise awareness for certain causes including HIV, a current struggle facing her home country.

The second runner up was then announced as Olivia Jordan, Miss USA which left the beautiful Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia as the final two.

Host Steve Harvey then announced that this years 2015 Miss Universe was Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez!!! She accepted her flowers and stunning Crown to a hugely excited crown, making history as the 3rd Colombian Miss Universe AND as the first country EVER to have a back-to-back winner! The 21 year old beauty has been described as elegant and beautiful, and even described as a Sophia Vergara look-alike.

However, in a SHOCKING turn of events, Steve Harvey came back to the stage, saying he had to “apologise”. We were thinking some sort of quirky joke was to follow, but then he dropped an absolute BOMB when he announced that in fact Miss Philippines was the Miss Universe Winner!

We have no words.

We thought it was a joke, then possibly an announcement that there were two winners, but no. Steve Harvey read out THE WRONG NAME.


Both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines were understandably confused, with some very slow reactions from the girls as the truth sunk in. Miss Philippines slowly made her way back to the main stage, glancing around to check that she was doing the right thing, while Miss Colombia stood there in absolute shock, not moving at all. The girls then had to stand and endure a painfully awkward exchange where previous Miss Universe Paulina Vega, who herself was from Colombia, had to take the crown away from Ariadna and give it to the REAL Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Ouch.


However, the girls went on to make the best out of a tough situation, ending on a high note. A major congratulations to Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, for earning the Crown and making her country proud. A great outcome, expecially considering she has originally disqualified from the competition by Donald Trump.

Well done to all the ladies competing, and a special shoutout again to the beautiful Monika who we look forward to seeing back in Australia!







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