Emilia Clarke, Mother of Dragons


English Actress Emilia Clarke has been a favorite on the red carpet ever since she was cast as the infamous Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. The London born actress has quickly become a fan favorite, known for her empowering female role as the ‘Mother of Dragons’.

Her costumes on the show are often the cause of major discussion, from her platinum blonde locks, extravagant frocks and bold accessories. We love the amazing Dragon Claw necklaces she often wears as a symbol of her strength and power that she holds. If only we could get our hands on some ourselves!

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Throughout Game of Thrones, there is reference to the rare material referred to as Dragonglass, the only substance besides Valyrian Steel that is capable of killing White Walkers. In actual fact Dragonglass is known to be Obsidian! We love the mythology behind Dragonglass, as it is the history behind a gemstone or metal that makes it so special.

At Anthonys Fine Jewellery, we have a deep appreciation for the history behind a gem and the natural state in which we find it. Our pieces are all about preserving the natural beauty and designing jewellery around each stone that best showcases its individuality. This can be seen in our Jobson and Ar-Genta collections.




This Ring from our exclusive Jobson Collection is definitely fit for a Queen! The stunning 19.43 carat Pear Cut Citrine is a stunning example of the beauty that Mother nature creates, and the Diamond Pave setting in 18ct Yellow gold is almost claw-like, a perfect piece for the Mother of Dragons in our opinion!

The gems we use for our Jobson and Ar-Genta Collections are decadent in their size and quality, with stones reaching up to and even over 40 carats! Each stone is hand chosen and set in a design that best showcases the magnificence of each individual gem.


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When Emilia Clarke isn’t running around in bejeweled Gold and Leather armour, she is gracing the red carpet with a far more subtle look in comparison. Pictured here at this years Met Gala, Clarke paired her red Ralph Lauren gown with some punk-inspired studded cross earrings from Fred Leighton. We love that her edgy style isn’t just reserved for her role as Khaleesi.


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Despite her serious role on GoT, its great to see that the actress has a real silly side! If her funny interviews and down to earth press appearances aren’t enough to convince you that the Queen of Dragons is just as real and goofy as the rest of us, just take one look at her above photoshoot wearing the funky Star Necklace from the Lanvin Spring 2014 RTW collection.


Basically, we couldn’t be more impressed with the many sides of Emilia Clarke, and can’t wait to keep watching the new season of Game of Thrones to see what Khaleesi wears next!



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