Angelina Jolie Never Fails to Impress

The list of credits continue to flow for Angelina Jolie.  Actress, filmaker, best dressed celebrity, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, humanitarian, campaigner for breast cancer awareness and the fight against sexual violence, and most recently, Honorary Dame.  At a ceremony in Buckingham Palace, she was annointed the title of Honorary Dame Grand Cross by Queen Elizabeth II for her humanitarian work and contribution to United Kingdom foreign policy.

As an American citizen, Ms Jolie can not be addressed as Dame, hence the title Honorary Dame. Her husband, Brad Pitt, and their six children also met with the Queen following the presentation, and were invited to stay at Buckingham Palace.

In the prying eye of celebrity fashion, Angelina Jolie is also highly regarded as one of the world's best dressed, always befitting the occasion. Although she regularly mixes her choices of colour, in jewellery it seems she does have a slight penchant for the colour green, with a number of red carpet outings featuring pieces with Emeralds, Green Tourmalines, and Santa Maria Aquamarine.




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