Margot Robbie - Hollywood IT Girl

Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie is a Hollywood Actress, Model, Spokesperson and best of all, an Australian!


She has starred in the blockbuster film Wolf of Wallstreet alongside Leonardo DeCaprio, played a stunning air stewardess in the ABC series Pan Am and most recently starred in the box office hit film Focus with actor Will Smith.


She is also rumored to be the frontrunner to play the role of Barbie in a film based on the Mattel toy. This comes as another Wikileaks revelation and could mean the starlet will be playing the coveted role alongside either Sandra Bullock, Amy Schumer and Amy Adams who are supposedly the preferred choices to play her sidekick in the film.


Along with being a famous Hollywood bombshell, Robbie has become a notable addition to the fashion scene and with a killer sense of fashion, comes killer accessories.


Here are some of Robbies most notable accessory choices;



We love these Snowflake earrings by Van Cleef & Arpels featuring diamonds in a platinum setting.




Another great style choice by Robbie was this striking Bahagia ear cuff, both striking and affordable.


Robbies most notable jewellery moment would most likely be the amazing Zip Necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels that she wore to the Oscars.


The necklace is not only stunning to look at, but it has an amazing history aswell. It was a piece that was inspired by the Duchess of Winsdor around 1938, who suggested the idea of a necklace that could be zipped, to the daughter of Alfred Van Cleef. It took the French firm over 12 years to solve the problems that come with creating a zipper from solid gold that was fully functional and convertible. When unzipped, the piece is a stunning necklace and unzipped it could be worn as an incredible bracelet.



The Zip Antique Colombine piece that Robbie wore is one that greatly resembles the one worn by the Duchess of Windsor and features 150 diamonds and 300 sapphires in 18kt gold. The piece took over 600 hours to create!


We love the history and unique aesthetic of this piece. At Anthonys Fiew Jewellery we love creating custom pieces for our customers and can only imagine the craftsmanship that went into this one.


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