Rihanna Is Always Shining Bright with her Jewellery!

Here at Anthonys Fine Jewellery we love celebrities who take risks with their big and bold jewellery looks. So it's no surprise that Rihanna has been on our jewellery radar for a while now. The pop icon, rumoured to be dating popular actor Leonardo DiCaprio, always manages to maintain an adventurous yet sophisticated look. See some of our favourite looks below:

At the diamond ball she wore a necklace with a fabulous 123.24ct pear-shaped rubellite complete with 65.24ct of diamonds. 

Rihanna at the diamond ball in 2014. (Source: Jewelleryeditor.com). 

Rihanna showed off another elegant look at the Time Gala 2012. She wore a pair of breathtaking 14ct white gold earrings and a matching ring which were studded with white diamonds.

Another standout jewellery piece. (Source: Mydaily.co.uk).

At the 2014 Beyond Fashion Costume Institute Gala, Rihanna stole the show with this diamond choker. Her simple diamond earrings allowed the choker to become a real feature. 


Rihanna looked magnificient in this piece (Source: stylebistro.com).

In 2012 at the same event Rihanna shone with these emerald gemstone earrings. A stunning design in a vibrant colour.


Rihanna's Emerald Earrings (Source: stylebistro.com).

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