A wonderful new addition to our Jobson Couture Range is this Pink Tanzanite Cocktail Ring!


Now don’t feel bad if you’re thinking “Hold on, aren’t Tanzanites normally blue?”, because generally, they are. The name ‘Tanzanite’ is used in reference to the bright blue/violet variety of the Zoisite mineral. When mined, these gems are usually a pale brown colour, which when heated turn the brilliant blue hue that they have become so famous for.



However, the mineral Zoisite actually comes in a variety of colours ranging from blue/violet to green, yellow, brown, orange and pink. While they technically should be called “fancy coloured Zoisite”, they are often referred to as Tanzanites of varying colour due to the market success of the traditional Tanzanite. Finding one of these gems that has an appealing colour without any heat treatment is rare, particularly the Pink Tanzanite.



Finding a natural and unheated transparent Pink Zoisite that is of gem quality is not only extremely rare but also greatly sought after by collectors. These stones are found so infrequently that many collectors, gem buyers and jewelers will never encounter them in person across their entire careers.


Understanding the precious nature of these incredible stones truly puts into perspective how exciting it is for us to have sourced such a fine specimen here at Anthonys.

Our owner and designer Rick Jobson is fortunate enough to be able to find rare gems such as this, due to the relationships he has built over his 40 year career with numerous gem merchants and miners. So when he found this particular stone, he knew it deserved to be a part of his Couture Jobson Collection.



This is the Pink Tanzanite Ring that was designed by Rick Jobson. The stone is a 3.12 carat Cushion Cut natural, unheated Tanzanite, with channel set Princess Cut Diamond band, with driving and basket Diamonds. The setting is a combination of 18ct White and Rose Gold, to compliment the natural hues of the Tanzanite. 

So if you are a fine gem or jewellery lover, call us today to make an appointment to see this incredible new gem in person!

Anthonys Fine Jewellery - 2014
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