About Us

Anthonys Fine Jewellery boasts over 30 years of proud tradition in designing and manufacturing world class jewellery. Anthonys places the utmost importance in providing each customer with complete satisfaction in every piece.

Anthonys continues to maintain its dedication by travelling to the far corners of the world, sourcing rare and exotic gems of the highest quality and crafting them with precision using unique techniques to optimise the brilliance and colour saturation of each gem.

Heading the enterprise, Rick Jobson has decades of experience in the jewellery industry and sets high standards for his business. Rick’s flair for design is highly respected in the industry, as is his eye for detail and his signatory intricacies on each piece.

Anthonys Fine Jewellery is a family owned Queensland-based company with retail locations throughout Brisbane. Within Queensland the growing company has six stores. In each store you will find a variety of talented staff with unique skills in design, fashion, gemmology as well as jewellery repair and care treatments.