Custom Made

Bespoke Jewellery

Anthonys Fine Jewellery offers far more than a range of fine jewellery lines; we also offer the opportunity for you to create tailor-made pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Anthonys design staff are more than capable of bringing some of the wildest dreams to life as they develop your ideas into marvellous sketches. These are then transformed into beautiful bespoke pieces by our talented jewellers. Needless to say, this gives you full control in creating pieces that will not only last the test of time, but will be memorable and filled with the love and care they deserve. It is a perfect opportunity for you to portray your love in a piece for engagements, anniversaries or any other special moment in your life.


Anthonys Fine Jewellery understands the importance of a cherished piece of jewellery. Sentimental pieces or family heirlooms mean more than money can buy. However, sometimes these items become damaged or worn and need to be remade or reshaped in order to be loved once more.

Anthonys Fine Jewellery offers expert restorations of these cherished pieces and guarantees that each restoration will be performed to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

This is your chance to breathe life back into your most treasured pieces with a full or partial restoration by our master jewellers. Don’t let your precious heirlooms live their life in your jewellery box – Talk to an Anthonys consultant about your options today!

Little Sister Program                                                                     

Anthonys often produces a range of designer pieces on a scale that beggars belief, creating masterpieces of fine jewellery that are not only stunning but also cannot be reproduced. To cater for those who wish to own these pieces Anthonys also offers a Little Sister Program in which these large and often expensive pieces are reproduced on a smaller scale and at lower cost. This makes it possible for everyone to own their own a beautiful piece of Anthonys jewellery.


Valuation details for your treasured pieces of jewellery are important not only for insurance purposes, but also for replication, replacement or resale. Anthonys Fine Jewellery prides itself on providing the most accurate valuations based upon current market values. As such, Anthonys offers fast and reliable valuation services for all customers, new and old. We encourage all customers to insure their items using an Anthonys Valuation Report.


Anthonys Fine Jewellery understands that your jewellery often means more than just precious metals and gemstones. If your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged it is a small piece of mind to know that, at the very least, you can have an identical piece crafted to replace it.

Anthonys recommends all pieces be insured by our trusted insurance partners, QReport. QReport offers far more piece of mind in replacing your valued pieces by taking highly detailed reports and ensuring that your piece is remade at your Qcertified jeweller.

However, Anthonys also welcomes any customers dealing with other insurers and will provide the highest quality service in replacing your valued jewellery.

Please contact us online or visit us instore and speak to our friendly staff for further information.